Benefits of drinkingPhytoFood SuperFoods Drink Mix

PhytoFood is loaded with over 35 SuperFoods and packed with everyday essentials for your everyday nutrition.

Everyday Essentials

PhytoFood is an excellent source of superfoods, fruits, and veggies essential for everyday nutrition.

Everyday Health

PhytoFood provides daily essentials integral to the body and mind and is an easy and convenient way for people to drink a nutritious juice on the go.

Less Mess & Less Work

A delicious & nutritious green juice is made in seconds with PhytoFood! Cut the mess and the work in your busy lifestyle with this healthy alternative.


The Break Down

Energize your Day with PhytoFood, your Ulitmate Healthy Juice Solution! Charged with over 35 Raw Super Foods and loaded with Nutritious Vegetables, Wild Fruits, Dark Greens, Fiber, Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics , Rich Antioxidants, Vitamins, Minerals, and Nutrients. Get your Everyday Essentials in this Delicious Drink Mix that you can make in seconds. Add one scoop to 8 ounces of water, juice, or smoothie and enjoy a very Healthy, Tasty, Refreshing, and Energizing Beverage!

PhytoFood is not your typical pasteurized juice found in conventional grocery stores.  Our delicious juice mix is a micronized blend of easily-absorbed phytonutrients that deliver a full spectrum of benefits to your body.

Delicious Super Foods Drink Mix

PhytoFood can be made in seconds.  Simply mix a scoop into cold water, juice, or your favorite smoothie and enjoy a very healthy, tasty, refreshing, and energizing beverage.

Our Berry Flavor provides you with the best of both worlds! A nutritious and delicious non-GMO drink that contains no artificial flavors or colors.

PhytoFood enriches your body with life! Our Powerful Greens Superfood Complex provides you with some of the worlds richest and most complete whole foods. These greens superfood work in harmony to naturally detoxify, purify, alkaline, and balance your entire body and immune system.

A large variety of phytonutrients that fight free radicals from many different angles.  Way more than the typical vegetables and fruits you would find in your fridge, these antioxidants come from a wide range of superfoods, exotic wild fruits and vegetables.  Their antioxidant profile is so strong, your system will count on its help to fight free radicals all day long.

Composed from greens, reds, and blues; our Fruit & Vegetable blend will boost your day and enrich your immune system with essential naturally occurring vitamins that we struggle to consume with our daily meals.

Fiber is essential for our system because it regulates the conversion of sugar into the bloodstream caused by other low-fiber, refined carbohydrates. When our bodies lack fiber, we struggle to control our hunger and we tend to suffer from a poor digestive health and unexpected weight gains caused by blood sugar spikes. One of the most distinct inefficacies of absorbing juices from an extractor machine is leaving all the natural fruit and vegetable fiber behind.  With our PhytoFood Digestive & Fiber Blends you receive high quality fibers lead by one of the world’s best super food, Chia Seeds.

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for your overall health, as they help your digestive system by moving and regulating food through your gut. Digestive Enzymes are essential for our system as they break down foods into nutrients that our bodies can absorb.  Our PhytoFood Probiotic & Digestive Enzymes Blend is designed to maximize the absorption of nutrients and minerals from all rich superfoods, greens, fruits, and vegetables this delicious drink contains.



Chia Seeds

Optimum for Everyday Health, carrying rich Essentials such as Omega-3 Fatty Acids, High Quality Protein, Fiber, and Magnesium.

Flax Seeds

Optimum for Everyday Health, carrying rich Essentials such as Omega-3 Fatty Acids, High Quality Protein, Fiber, and Magnesium.  Quality Protein, Fiber, and Magnesium. Quality Protein, Fiber, and Magnesium.

Pumpkin Seeds

Optimum for Everyday Health, carrying rich Essentials such as Omega-3 Fatty Acids, High Quality Protein, Fiber, and Magnesium.


Due to its overall health benefits, acai may help in contributing to natural body energy and stamina, and may help when recovering from fatigue and exhaustion.


Studies suggest consuming beet root may help lowering high blood pressure.  It also contains an antioxidant known as alpha-lipoic acid, which has been shown to lower glucose levels.


Abundant in numerous health benefits, Broccoli is also a strong combination of Vitamin C, Vitamin A (in the form of beta-carotene) and vitamin K


Contains a compound called Curcumin, which is a bioactive substance that fights inflammation at the molecular level

Wheat Grass

Optimum for Everyday Health, carrying rich Essentials such as Omega-3 Fatty Acids, High Quality Protein, Fiber, and Magnesium.  Quality Protein, Fiber, and Magnesium. Quality Protein, Fiber, and Magnesium.


A Blue-Green Algae mostly made up of Protein, Amino Acids, and Vitamin B-12. Also a Powerful Chlorophyll – Removing toxins from your Blood and Boosting your Immune System.


A strong antioxidant ideal for our immune system and overall health; rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Potassium.


Known to reduce inflammation and may help treat high blood pressure.


Outstanding Source of Silica which Supports Healthier Skin, Hair, and Nails. High in Dietary Fiber, Rich in Potassium, and is a Potent Antioxidant.


Rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Fiber, and Iron, making it more than just a strong antioxidant.

Barley Grass

All Natural Alkaline Source with an Exceptionally Strong Antioxidant Profile. It is also very high in Organic Sodium, which may help relieving arthritis by dissolving calcium deposited on the joints.


One of the Strongest Chlorophylls & Potent Detox Aids, it binds Heavy Metals and removes them from the body through a process called Chelation.


A nutritious superfood seaweed rich in antioxidants and it is one of the most bio-available forms of iodine. Iodine is essential for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland and its role in regulating metabolic energy.


Rich in Iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Vitamin K, and therefore known for its outstanding abilitiesma to restore energy, increase vitality and improve the quality of the blood.


Of all the super healthy greens, Kale is known as king because of its strong antioxidant profiles and its rich Vitamin K, Beta-Carotene, Vitamin C, and Manganese profiles.

The NutraHouse Promise

PhytoFood is GMO Free, Soy Free, Vegan, and loaded with naturally occurring Vitamins and Flavors.  PhytoFood has Zero Cholesterol, Zero Sugar Added, Zero Preservatives, Zero Artificial Sweetners, and Zero Sucralose.

NutraHouse is committed to support individuals and families carry a healthy lifestyle.  A healthy lifestyle starts with your hard work and dedication to maintain a balanced diet and regular exercise.  Our passion is derived from your dedication to achieve your wellness goals, and we proudly extend our hand to support you with only the very best nutritional supplements.

Made in the U.S.A

NutraHouse products are manufactured in the United States under the highest quality standards in a GMP and NSF certified facility.


NutraHouse follows the strictest guidelines from raw material sourcing to final production to ensure your products are always free from Genetically Modified Organisms.


NutraHouse is humbled to serve as your trusted partner in your nutritional and lifestyle goals. We always seek to repay your trust by providing high quality ingredients, accurate supplement facts, and outstanding customer support.
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 4 reviews
by Marie on PhytoFood
great tasting

Great tasting. Love that it has Chia already in it. Taking everyday

by JT on PhytoFood
I Love this stuff

These are some of the best tasting greens on the market. Would recommend to anyone looking to implement greens in their diet.

by Emma on PhytoFood
2 thumbs up

Good ingredients. Taste great. Good price.

by David the health nut on PhytoFood
Love these greens

Love these greens. I add more kale and spinach into my shakes with the phytofood and the taste still holds up. Great addition to my diet and would recommend to everyone.

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